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10 Ways In Which Cycling Changed My Life

Posted by on Mar 31, 2016 in Bicycle, Cycling, Riding Bike | Comments Off on 10 Ways In Which Cycling Changed My Life

Precisely two years ago, I decided I was going to go everywhere on my bicycle. After the first rounds of laugh my friends and family gave me, they soon realized I was serious, but still thought I would give up somewhere along the way. At the time I was overweight, my bicycle wasn’t much, I always went everywhere by car and I had a lot of determination I was going to make it happen! Even though the majority of people laughed it off, they were generally supportive once they realized I was so eager to stick to this decision I have made. As today is some sort of anniversary since I decided to do this, I wanted to share with you ten ways in which this decision affected my life and actually changed my life for the better.

# 10 I Knew I Was Making A Difference

I am not going to try to lie to you, the moment I first got on my bicycle I knew I was making a difference, and I felt so proud! I was actually doing something to preserve the environment! The feeling is so great!

# 9 I Spent Less Money On Gas

In addition to that, now I spent much less money on gas. In addition to that, I soon realized I do not like owning a car, so I sold it and bought myself a better bicycle!

# 8 I Started Losing Weight

After the first couple of months I had to change all my clothes, since I started losing weight like crazy! This surely came as a surprise, but I was so eager to embrace it!

# 7 I Became Interested In Fitness

Little by little, I became interested in fitness. I wanted to learn more about the clothes I could wear, food I should eat and what other kind of exercises are there.

# 6 I Started Eating Healthy

There I was, so now I was eating healthy as well. I tell you, it happened so gradually, but it was definitely like a domino effect.

# 5 I Ditched Unhealthy Habits

Soon, I realized that little by little I ditched almost all my nasty habits. This made me really glad I have done this in the first place.

# 4 I Made New Friends

There aren’t that many people in the cycling community, so I was fast to make some new friends with amazing worldviews and from all walks of life.

# 3 I Felt More Connected To Myself And Nature

While cycling I definitely feel more connected to both myself and nature. In addition to that, my cycling sessions give me time to think about all things that preoccupy my mind.

# 2 I Had Interesting Topics For Conversation

In addition to that, I definitely had something interesting to say when I got together with a group of friends.

# 1 I Became A Happier Person! Overall, cycling everywhere made me a happier person! I would not change it for any car in the world!

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