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What I Do When I’m Not Biking

Posted by on Apr 15, 2016 in Bicycle | Comments Off on What I Do When I’m Not Biking


Ever since I’ve discovered biking, I’m almost always on the road. I love the wind on my face, the challenge of pedaling hard on a mountainous terrain, the grasping for air that almost feels like I can’t breathe anymore but then I push on further and I grasp for more air that I can hear my heartbeat pounding in my ear.

Maybe that’s it… the tumultuous love affair of stopping and pushing my limits further then breaking it. To actually work towards a heightened sense of euphoria and feeling the most intense realization of being alive.

I believe that any passion, without any exception, sparks this inspiration to push certain limits that motivates us to reach new heights. Perhaps this is why passions are so addictive. But like any addiction, I try to stay off my bike sometimes so I can miss it or explore other pursuits that would help build up my continuity for such an addiction to biking.

When I’m not biking, I do other things that aligns with my desire for a healthy lifestyle. When I’m not biking I have top 3 things that I love to do.


  1. I cook

What I Do When I'm Not Biking

I love cooking! Especially for a small group of friends. I like to indulge in good food once in a while even if it means taking in more calories than I would normally let myself. I love the intimate conversations that goes around the table which fills in may hunger for new insights about life itself.

I’m sure you can relate. Who doesn’t love good food and good conversations? This perfect ending is what inspires me to cook and prepare those meals. I look for recipes and themes to create special menus that aren’t that tedious to make but excellent as a conversation starter.


2. I train

What I Do When I'm Not Biking

Aside from biking, I enjoy training for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I discovered it when I bumped into a dear friend who I haven’t seen in a while and saw how fit he has become. And he mesmerized me with his story about the challenges he went thru and how it taught him self confidence, consistency and commitment.

So I tried it, because I realized I need more stability in my life. Sure, I’ve fallen in love with biking, but I also wanted to prove that I am able to commit to other things too. BJJ is hard, not only because it has complex techniques but it demands so much self discipline and humility.

Starting out did not do well to my ego. I thought that I would perform better because I was confident and perhaps maybe a sheer of pure luck. But I realized more later on that BJJ techniques need to be learned and experienced.

To put it simply, BJJ is hard, like how life is. You’ll only learn when you fall so many more times and win only when you decide not to give up.


3. I people watch

What I Do When I'm Not Biking

People watching somehow is an undeclared hobby for everyone. Everyone may not do it on purpose, but unconsciously, everyone loves to look around and enjoy how other people interact.

In my case, I do this in purpose. It’s the best, most human hobby I’ve encountered compared to going to the movies. It’s cheap too!

I like putting myself in a big crowd or a busy coffee shop. You can see all sorts of interactions that are as ripe as the watermelon shake I usually order. I learn a thing or two about life and relationships that soon after, I reflect on my own life and ask myself if I’ve done the same thing. It’s a great road towards discovering what makes people happy, and most importantly, what makes me whole.


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10 Ways In Which Cycling Changed My Life

Posted by on Mar 31, 2016 in Bicycle, Cycling, Riding Bike | Comments Off on 10 Ways In Which Cycling Changed My Life

Precisely two years ago, I decided I was going to go everywhere on my bicycle. After the first rounds of laugh my friends and family gave me, they soon realized I was serious, but still thought I would give up somewhere along the way. At the time I was overweight, my bicycle wasn’t much, I always went everywhere by car and I had a lot of determination I was going to make it happen! Even though the majority of people laughed it off, they were generally supportive once they realized I was so eager to stick to this decision I have made. As today is some sort of anniversary since I decided to do this, I wanted to share with you ten ways in which this decision affected my life and actually changed my life for the better.

# 10 I Knew I Was Making A Difference

I am not going to try to lie to you, the moment I first got on my bicycle I knew I was making a difference, and I felt so proud! I was actually doing something to preserve the environment! The feeling is so great!

# 9 I Spent Less Money On Gas

In addition to that, now I spent much less money on gas. In addition to that, I soon realized I do not like owning a car, so I sold it and bought myself a better bicycle!

# 8 I Started Losing Weight

After the first couple of months I had to change all my clothes, since I started losing weight like crazy! This surely came as a surprise, but I was so eager to embrace it!

# 7 I Became Interested In Fitness

Little by little, I became interested in fitness. I wanted to learn more about the clothes I could wear, food I should eat and what other kind of exercises are there.

# 6 I Started Eating Healthy

There I was, so now I was eating healthy as well. I tell you, it happened so gradually, but it was definitely like a domino effect.

# 5 I Ditched Unhealthy Habits

Soon, I realized that little by little I ditched almost all my nasty habits. This made me really glad I have done this in the first place.

# 4 I Made New Friends

There aren’t that many people in the cycling community, so I was fast to make some new friends with amazing worldviews and from all walks of life.

# 3 I Felt More Connected To Myself And Nature

While cycling I definitely feel more connected to both myself and nature. In addition to that, my cycling sessions give me time to think about all things that preoccupy my mind.

# 2 I Had Interesting Topics For Conversation

In addition to that, I definitely had something interesting to say when I got together with a group of friends.

# 1 I Became A Happier Person! Overall, cycling everywhere made me a happier person! I would not change it for any car in the world!

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